What I Offer

I am passionate about supporting people in finding their way back to themselves, back to the core of who they are, so that they may manifest more freely and fully in the world. Our counseling sessions together will offer you an invitation to:

  • Deepen in your awareness of your self
  • Find grounding and trust in your body
  • Work through areas of wounding and conflict
  • Align with what brings you nourishment and support
  • Recognize your inherent gifts, honor your unique voice, and support your authentic expression
  • Tap into what inspires you, brings you alive, and sustains your experience of vitality
  • Cultivate your inherent intuition and creativity
  • Identify and clarify your deepest wants, needs, intentions and aspirations
  • Strengthen your capacity to be with change, tolerate difficult emotions, and move through transition with more ease and resilience
  • Engage in the world with more freedom, choicefulness, spontaneity and joy

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