The Therapeutic Relationship

The therapeutic process is ultimately about relationship, just as life is fundamentally about relationship. All of life comes into being through interconnected, dynamic relationships. We humans, like all beings, are intrinsically interwoven within the processes of the living organism of the Earth, and within the greater unfolding of the Cosmos. We develop and grow in relation to all that surrounds. Our sense of well-being in the world is constantly influenced by feedback and conditioning from a full spectrum of relational spheres: ecological, bio-chemical and genetic influences, ancestral and historical impetus, as well as the multitude of structures upheld by culture, religion, society, tribe, community and family. All of these are relational fields that influence and shape how we experience ourselves in the world.

As such, I recognize that we all come into being and develop into our unique selves as the result of a myriad of interrelated factors. I also recognize that in some way we all carry experiences of alienation, suffering, or dis-ease that stem from wounds in relating. Therefore, first and foremost, I believe that my responsibility in my work as a counselor is to the tending of the therapeutic relationship. This tending includes cultivating a safe and non-judgmental space in which you may come into deeper contact with the different parts of yourself, so that you may heal old wounds, grow more fully into your potential, and discover through your own unique experiencing your essential vitality and wholeness. This process is inherently co-creative and occurs through the cultivation of awareness and direct embodied experiencing within the relational support of the therapy.