How I Work

I welcome you as a whole being with the capacity to touch into and consciously re-connect with the intelligence of the healing and transformative forces available to us all. I am interested in meeting you wherever you are in your present experience and supporting your own rhythm, pace, capacity and self-awareness. I see our therapeutic work together as ultimately co-creative: what emerges in the present momentĀ is the channel through which our work together will unfold and take form.

My work as a counselor is guided by intuition, creativity, and a deep commitment to fostering quality and authentic contact in the therapeutic relationship. In addition to actively listening to you and engaging with you through inquiry and dialogue, I may also utilize various supplementalĀ forms of creative and non-verbal exploration. This kind of exploration may include:

  • Experiential and movement-based exercises
  • Visualization and active imagination
  • Nature-based exercises
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Shamanic journeying
  • Tracking sensory awareness of the body
  • Incorporating art materials
  • Creating ritual