Dreams and Symbol

The psyche speaks in the language of symbolic image, and can be likened to an underground stream, always in dynamic flow, yet not always known to the wakeful eye. When we enter sleep we dip into this stream during dreamtime and are carried in the current of symbol and imagery. Even if we forget the images upon awakening, all of us dream every time we reach deep REM sleep. The symbolic images that emerge in our dreams can offer us a direct portal to our psyche’s deepest truth.

Dream images contain within them the echoes of all that we carry in our beings. The accumulated collection of our personal memories, experiences, felt-senses, emotional resonances, belief-systems, self-constructs, and cultural-constructs are stored within our bodies and are reflected back to us as symbolic image whenever we dream. In addition to the material particular to our own personal existence and cultural heritage, our psyches are also connected to the collective experience of the whole species and the larger forces within the living Cosmos.

When we recall dream images in our waking lives we hold a key to accessing our own innate wisdom. Consciously engaging with our dream imagery offers us a powerful channel through which to deepen our contact with our inner-world and to consciously embody those parts of ourselves that may be disowned, undeveloped or undiscovered. Hence, our dreams can reveal to us pathways that lead to profound evolution and growth.