Hello, and welcome to Spiral Path Counseling. This site was created to give you an idea of who I am as a counselor, how I view the therapeutic process, and how I work.

I understand that choosing to enter into counseling or therapy can sometimes feel scary. Like embarking on a journey into new and unknown territory, entering into therapy can evoke feelings of apprehension, uneasiness or fragility.

Often we seek help in the form of counseling when we are feeling lost or out of balance, overwhelmed or depleted, full of doubt or desperate for change. Sometimes we seek help when we have experienced a loss or when we are struggling to cope with a crisis or transition. Other times we may seek help when we realize that our habitual patterns of being in the world are no longer in service to our well-being and growth. No matter what brings us into therapy, acknowledging what is painful within our lives in the presence of a new person is an inherently vulnerable experience. For when we share our places of pain in the presence of another, we are revealing our most raw and tender parts.

While this process of sharing our stories and being witnessed in the truth of our experience may feel risky, this process also provides a vessel for bridging the internal fissures that keep us locked in self-destructive thinking or behavioral patterns, relationships that are harmful, or work that is unfulfilling. Engaging in therapy offers a powerful, life-affirming invitation to mend these fissures, and to make meaningful contact in relationship with oneself, with others, and with the world at large. Choosing to seek therapy is a tremendous act of courage and self-empowerment, for it originates from a place within that wants to heal what needs to be healed, to shed what is no longer in service to well-being, and to nurture and support what wants to be born. Choosing to seek therapy is ultimately an act of self-love. When we choose to begin therapy, we take a leap of faith…

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